Government incentives to invest in Portugal – free eBook

Investing in Portugal is a good decision! Now that you know exactly why Portugal is a good investment and full of real estate opportunities, learn all about the government incentives for investors. We also have a free downloadable ebook for you about this topic. Find out more about it on this article. Portugal is a not only a beautiful country, but is also a very safe and friendly, with a good climate, amazing beaches and culture. Because Portugal is so attractive, the Portuguese government came up with two solutions to help foreigners invest. The first one is the Golden Visa (Residence Authorization Program for Investment). We’ve previously explained how to apply to the Portuguese Golden Visa program here. The other option is a special tax regime, Non Habitual Residents, aimed for people who dream of living in Portugal and do not want to invest in Real Estate. This program allows any citizen, irrespective of nationality, to enjoy the Portuguese climate while benefiting from an attractive tax regime. If you’d like more information on any or both of these options, you can download our eBook for free.