Global Symposium 2018: what we brought with us

From the 27th to the 29th of September we attended the Global Symposium 2018, an international event organized by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, that gathers the leading real estate companies from all over the world for three days. Here’s what we learned.

The Global Symposium can be compared to a WebSummit of Real Estate, which made us excited about networking with our colleagues and learning as much as possible from the incredible speakers we had the pleasure of meeting and listening to. Besides that, we couldn’t imagine a better setting for this year’s event than Barcelona, the Spanish capital of Gothic art and architecture with its unforgettable masterpieces and historic streets.

The motto for this year’s event was “Be World Wise and Do Business Globally”, which is what we’re heavily focused on now. Representing the INS Portugal team were our General Manager & CEO Francisco Próspero and our Commercial Director Jorge Próspero.

So, what does a real estate company do at the Global Symposium 2018?

  1. Explore international real estate trends;
  2. Consider out-of-the-box business strategies;
  3. Strengthen connections with members from all over the world;
  4. Network, have fun and meet inspiring colleagues;
  5. Learn from the event’s speakers.


Above all, we are looking forward to applying everything we brought back and learned to ensure we provide a better service to our clients and that we keep growing and learning as a team.

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