How to apply to the Portuguese Golden Visa program

How to apply to the Portuguese Golden Visa program

Do you want to invest in Portugal? If so, you must already be familiar with the main reasons why this is a smart investment . If your mind is all made up and you’d like to invest, find out how to apply to for a Golden Visa, step by step.

Whether you are looking to move to Portugal or simply to invest in the perfect vacation home, applying for a Golden Visa is a simple process. Just follow these steps and enjoy your new property.



Step 1: Visit and enjoy Portugal

Is there any other way to decide where and what to invest in? Portugal is a wonderful country all year round, full of attractions, beautiful natural landscapes, castles, cities and beaches. Have fun and enjoy some time off exploring our beautiful country.


Step 2: Choose the property to invest in

Not only is this a very interesting time to invest, but Portugal is also a great country to invest in. While you have fun exploring, start deciding if you’d like an apartment downtown or if you would prefer a gorgeous villa by the seashore.

In order to apply for a Golden Visa, the property you choose must be at least 350,000€.


Step 3: Sign the Power of Attorney

After choosing the property you’d like to buy, sign the power of attorney with your selected lawyers to enable them to buy on your behalf and represent you in all legal issues.


Step 4: Get a tax registration number

Look at this as a game: to be able to unlock this achievement, you must get a tax registration first. Then, open a bank account (for which you do need a tax registration number). After opening your Portuguese bank account, you are now able to sign the promissory contract to buy the property of your choice!


Step 5: Fly back home

You are now at the stage in this process for which you need to fly back home and gather all mandatory documentation for the immigration services.


Step 6: Send copies of all documents to your lawyers

As soon as you finish gathering all these documents, send copies to your lawyers back in Portugal.


Step 7: Relax while your lawyers submit your documentation to the immigration services

Now it’s on their side. All you have to do now is sit back and relax while they get things done on your behalf.


Step 8: Pay the initial immigration fee

After paying this initial fee wait for an appointment at the immigration services office.


Step 9: Come back to Portugal (and bring the whole family this time)

When the time comes, fly back to Portugal and bring your whole family this time!


Step 10: Hand in the original documents

Upon your return to Portugal, hand in the original documents (the ones you previously sent copies of to your lawyers) to the immigration services.


Step 11: Wait for your Golden Visa approval

Simple, isn’t it? To sum it up, all things you have to do is invest your money and gather documents. Your legal representatives will take care of everything else.


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