How to invest in Portugal: a quick step by step guide

After reading about all the reasons why you should consider investing in Portugal (link), you have decided to invest in a new home. Great. Now let us explain how you can (easily) invest in Portugal with this quick and easy step by step guide.
  1. Search for the Property in Portugal
We will help you plan your visit to Portugal and we can arrange viewings of the property you like and show you around the local areas you are interested in.
  1. Make an offer
Now that you’ve decided which property you’d like to invest in, it’s time to make an offer. We will proceed to negotiate a deal that satisfies you and entices the vendor.
  1. Reservation
Lodge a reservation deposit after which the vendor will remove the property from the market.
  1. Promissory contract of purchase and sale
Both buyer and vendor sign a promissory agreement and a deposit fee must be paid, normally 20% of the total purchase price agreed.
  1. Purchase
When you and the vendor reach an agreement a purchase contract is prepared stating the price, takeover day and other pertinent details. At this stage you will make a down payment and confirm your intention to complete the deal.
  1. Public Deed
On the agreed takeover day you and the vendor meet at the public notary’s office who will register the title deed. This is proof that you are the new legal owner of the property.
  1. Ownership
The final step is paying the remaining part of the purchase price and the home is yours! For more information, please contact our team at We will be happy to answer any of your questions.