Classic Cars: Those that don’t have them, want them; Those that do, want more

Classic Cars:

Those that don’t have them, want them; Those that do, want more

It’s almost like a vice. Their owners exhibit them with a certain pride and even a little exclusivity, as these are vehicles of great historical and cultural relevance. They never go by unnoticed and they possess qualities that gives them a certain aura among the so called ‘normal’ cars. These are vehicles that, not seldom, bring with them memories and life histories, carrying a sentimental value for those that buy them.

Those that possess one, live in a world of their own: from events to fairs and expositions, all the moments are appropriate to socialize with others that share the same passion.

Some curiosities about the classics

According to the International Federation of Old Cars (FIVA), classics can either be authentic and/or originals, depending on their condition; if they have undergone alterations or got equipped with modern parts, than they are classified as rebuilt and/or restored.



In Portugal, the most emblematic event is undoubtedly, the Caramulo Festival at Caramulo Mountain, a highly promoted event that gathers competition of classics with other playful and touristic activities for the entire family.

From the 8th to the 13th of October, Portugal welcomes the 2nd edition of the Estoril Classics Week, a unique classic car and motorcycle event that includes Formula 1 Classic, the Historic Portugal Rally, the Concours d’Elegance ACP-Portuguese Automobile Club and the Iberian Historic Endurance Race.

The Goodwood Revival has a strong expression at international level. It is one of the largest classic cars competition events, with parades, concours d’elegance, races and the particularity that all drivers have to wear period attire.

If your passion are the classics, enter the following dates for these related events in your agenda:

Spring Ride: 23 Mar 2019
48H Alfa Romeo Lizitália (Center): 30 to 31 Mar 2019
Motorclassic Expo Fair (Lisbon): 05 to 07 Apr 2019
Old Toy Fair at the Hotel Ipanema (Porto): 13 Apr | 08 Jun | 21 Set | 23 Nov | 14 Dec
27.ª Automobilia (Aveiro): 17 to 19 May 2019
Rider – Classic Motorcycle Ride (Center): 14 to 16 Jun 2019
Caramulo Motorfestival (Caramulo): 06 to 08 Set 2019
Leiria On Wheels  (Leiria): 26 to 29 Set 2019
AutoClassic Expo (Porto): 04 to 06 Oct 2019
Estoril Classics Week (Estoril): 08 to 13 Oct 2019


Epocauto (Reus, Spain): 09 to 10 Mar 2019

Retromotor (Barcelona, Spain): 29 to 31 Mar 2019

Goodwood Revival (UK): 13 to 15 Set 2019

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