Where to find the best typical dishes

At the table with the lisboners: where to find the best typical dishes

Lisbon is full of good restaurants, truly representative institutions of the Portuguese cuisine. Their ‘chefs’, some of renowned fame, serve the traditional dishes in appropriate settings. The authentic domestic taste of the typical Portuguese dishes leaves its impression on those that promenade the city streets. We went around town looking for these real treats and we bring you our best suggestions for places where you can taste the best Portuguese dishes in Lisbon.

The menu at Laurentina’s, a restaurant known as the “cod fish king”, is filled with the best Bacalhau dishes, the main ingredient in several of the most typical Portuguese recipes.

Cabidela Rice, a popular dish colored by the chicken’s blood, is the plate of distinction at Solar dos Presuntos, a house that offers the best plates from Minho; we recommend the Lamprey, an highly desired seasonal dish.

Please do not ignore the Stewed Fava Beans with Spare Ribs and Smoked Sausages from O Poleiro, nor its Lamb Stew and the Fried Shad Fish with Bread Broth and Peppermint, some of the specialties that this restaurant has been serving since 1985.

The Spider Crab Soup, prepared at O Nobre by Chef Justa Nobre, deserves high marks, as well as her Cod Fish Brás style.

The Octopus in Olive Oil served at Aldeia is to die for…..while the Peixinhos da Horta – literally, ‘Little Fish of the Orchard’, deep fried green beans – will just make you beg for more.

From the menu at Monte Mar, initially located in Cascais, Grilled Tiger Shrimp and Mussels and the Fish Fillet with Cockle Rice are just two of the many house dishes that one can taste at this fish and shellfish specialized establishment.

Not to be missed either, are the Small Cuttlefish, always present in most kitchens throughout southern Portugal and that can be tasted at the Alfaia. Between the Octopus Salad at Coelho da Rocha and the Jaquinzinhos com Açorda de Tomate (Tiny Fried Sardines with Tomato Bread Broth), the Garlic Flavored Skate Fish with Fish Eggs Bread Broth or Pap’Açôrda’s Pataniscas de Camarão (Shrimp Patties), delight yourself with the best that the sea and the river have to offer.

The best Sirloin Steak on Bun can be eaten at Gambrinus’ counter, one of the oldest restaurants in Lisbon. This is but one of the luxurious restaurants that keep attracting thousands of clients to their Portuguese Stew, one of the most popular Portuguese dishes, a concoction of vegetables, smoked sausage-like delicatessen products, cow, pork and chicken cuts, served with a side order of rice cooked in that chow.

And since we mentioned meat, the Café de São Bento is reputed for having ‘the best steak in Lisbon’, a delicious cut of roasted loin, prepared either “Marrare” style, Portuguese way or just plain grilled, with a side order of french fries and with or without a fried egg on top, a true plethora of tastes, to be enjoyed in the company of family or friends.


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