5 Living Room Decor Tips

In order to have an outstanding living room you don’t necessarily have to plan everything flawlessly. Take inspiration for Pinterest, sure, but don’t aim for perfection. Instead, aim for eclectic and interesting. We cannot tell you how to decorate your living room, but we sure will make your mind wander with these 5 tips.

Pick a colour palette

One Kings Lane


Are you drawn to a monochromatic style or are you more into bright colours? Maybe pastels? Whatever colours catch your eye the most, know that your color scheme is a key feature to cultivating an atmosphere and style.

Spend some time looking at colors and color palettes and figure out what you like and works for you. Think in terms of cool and warm colors and what kind of environment are you looking to create in your own living room.


Have yourself a Accent Wall

DM Architects

If you’re looking for an extra pop for your living room, all you need is – basically – an accent wall.

Consider the example of the photo we chose to illustrate this design tip but don’t think that you can only achieve an accent wall using color alone. This is a great excuse to go wild. Go for coloured paint, go for graffiti, for patterned wallpaper… there should be no limits to creativity here.

Whether you love a light and bright aesthetic or a dark and dramatic one, an accent wall is a great way to bring more personality to a living room.


Designate a focal point

Veneer Designs


If an accent wall is not exactly your cup of tea, that’s fine. You can still achieve a similar feel by having a clear focal point in your living room. Make a piece of art the star of this room, for instance, or maybe an original fireplace or an unusual mirror. As with the accent wall, the possibilities here are almost endless.


Mix periods and styles

Ben Pentreath

Have you always felt attracted to a certain period style but feared that, by applying it too much on your decor, you would make your home look like an old museum? Well, you don’t have to completely abandon the idea of having that time period on your decor. The answer is to mix it with a contemporary style!


The marriage between modern and vintage is usually a happy one when you have the right pieces. When combining them, pay attention to furniture heights: modern pieces tend to be lower in height than traditional furniture.


Don’t buy everything from the same store

Amberyin Decors

Rushing through the decorating part of your living room (or any other space in your house for that matter) will certainly not help you in making it look better. By following the advice to not buy everything from the same store, you will avoid a showroom look in your living room, unless, of course, that is exactly what you are looking for! Otherwise, make an effort to buy your house decor from multiple stores, flee markets, maybe vintage fairs, travels (Moroccan or Mexican carpets look amazing hung on walls!).



Whatever your personal taste is, when decorating or redecorating a home, have fun with it. Imprint some personality in every little detail and infuse every corner of your home and – especially – the living room with great taste and great memories of your life. After all, it’s these little things that make a house a home where the heart is.