Príncipe Real: A modern and crowned neighborhood

Considered by many as the coolest of Lisbon’s neighborhoods, Príncipe Real owes its name to the Portuguese royalty: Príncipe Real de Portugal – the Royal Prince of Portugal – was the title given to the presumptive heir to the Crown during the Constitutional Monarchy era. As a tribute to this title and to her son Pedro, Queen Maria II had the Príncipe Real Garden built around 1850; the multiple palaces built around it since then have contributed for the zone to keep its luxurious aspect throughout the times. However, the change into one of the trendiest zones of the city was relatively recent and in part a result of the extensive rehabilitation effort led in a large way by Antony Lanier. Through his company Eastbancc, he started acquiring several pieces of real estate in the area and initiated their restoration. As before, Príncipe Real’s charms are still disposed around its sumptuous garden, but now include shopping, food and lodging options.

Alternative shopping with frontline design

Sustainability supporters will find a real mecca at the Embaixada concept store (one of the first projects by the mentioned Eastbancc). Loja Real, right next door, is a mixture of proposals, also of a sustainable nature, that range from design objects to clothing and accessories. For the gourmet lovers, MOY Delicatessen and Bettina & Niccòlo Coralo are show stoppers, while Pau-Brasil offers a display window to the best in design coming out of Brazil. Returning to the bold, modern proposals, one must point out minimalist designer Lidija Kolovrat’s clothes, and the multibrand stores Espaço B and Charlie.

Sleep like a Prince

For a neighborhood with so much pedigree, the reduced number of options in terms of touristic lodging seems surprising, albeit the sophistication of the existing establishments is startling and finds no rival elsewhere in the city. The palatial houses of Casa do Príncipe and 1869 Príncipe Real bring back to the present day the charm of bygone eras. memmo Príncipe Real offers impeccable accommodation in a top line design ambiance, complemented by a spectacular swimming pool overlooking the city.

Journeys through the flavors guided by celebrated Chefs

Many are the renowned Chefs that have settled here: Kiko Martins travels through Asia and Peru at the Asiático and at the Cevicheria; Henrique Sá Pessoa proposes a meeting between Spanish tapas and Portuguese appetizers at the Tapisco; José Lopes presents his own version of Portuguese cuisine at the Pão à Mesa; Diogo Noronha brings to the table at the Pesca the best the Atlantic has to offer; Jamie’s Italian is the first and only restaurant of the English Chef in Portugal; Anna Lins reveals through the Miss Jappa menu why she is one of the unavoidable specialists in Japanese cuisine; Zero Zero Pizzeria has one of the most pleasant terraces in the city where to savor a wood oven cooked pizza.

A trendy but pulsating neighborhood

We have listed the reasons that have transformed Príncipe Real into the most fashionable neighborhood in town. It ought however, to be pointed out, that throughout this makeover the area has kept its own cozy neighborhood spirit, achieved through a balanced evolution, in tune with Lisbon’s rhythm, a city where pause and contemplation are still protected values. 

The secret might be in the garden, in the kiosks, in the sloping hill where it’s settled… Because it offers the best of both worlds, it has become one of the most privileged areas to live in Lisbon. Houses come in a variety of sizes and shapes: palatial homes – complete with courts and gardens – alternate with smaller sized apartments. The fact is, that with so many attractive reasons, Príncipe Real is now one of the priciest living areas in Lisbon (in 2017, price run around 6 thousand euros per square meter).

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