Chiado: a neighborhood of elegance

Squeezed in between Bairro Alto’s bohemian life and Baixa’s rush, Chiado is the most intellectual of Lisbon’s neighborhood and the one that most recalls the poet Fernando Pessoa.

The story of a city is hereby revealed in a few blocks, patent in the people’s testimonials and aspirations. Stores and homes share the tight space with imposing monuments, churches and opulent theatres; palatial houses and buildings hiding artistic treasures find space in between them for Michelin-starred restaurants and historical coffee shops. It’s a neighborhood boiling with commercial, artistic and intellectual activity.

Shopping as a life style

In the very elegant Chiado, luxurious brands had to have a presence, reason why one will find Hugo Boss and Hermès here. Slou and Feeting Room propose the most extravagant designs and the coolest brands in terms of modern and trendy streetwear. Keeping in line with outlandish fashion directed to women, there is no mistake: Nude ; and one with a Portuguese name: + 351 . The sparkling of the jewels can be seen on the main boulevard, Garrett street, namely at Swarovski and at Tous (pay attention to the set up here, as it looks out of a movie). Skinlife gathers under one roof the best beauty products money can buy and the most luxurious cosmetics. For those with a ‘sweet tooth’, there are two stopovers: at Equador , for the best Portuguese chocolate and at the Boutique Nespresso , for the most trusted coffee. Any suggestion list is not complete without the stores with their own History: Ulisses Glove Store continues to fascinate both Portuguese and foreign clients, while Carmo Shoe Store keeps selling the most sophisticated shoe fashions throughout the times.

High gastronomy

Several renowned Portuguese Chefs, famous for their exploits in traditional cuisine, share Chiado as their home base. Just José Avillez has several addresses by himself: the most famous, Belcanto , has been awarded two Michelin stars and stands among the fifty best restaurants in the world. One can add to that the Bairro do Avillez , the Mini Bar or the Cantinho do Avillez . Henrique Sá Pessoa presents his author’s cooking at the Alma , also distinguished with two Michelin stars. Three more Chefs have an address at Chiado: Vincent Farges, with his Epur , Ljubomir Stanisic, with the Bistro 100 Maneiras and also Tiago Santos, at the Quorum . Chiado also offers these other sumptuous gastronomic experiences: a trip to Asia at the Boa Bao , Tágide ’s classical cuisine with a view, or the imposing and eclectic Palácio Chiado .

Sophisticated even while sleeping

There is no lack of lodgings at Chiado to go along with the sophisticated surroundings. Two examples are the modern Le Consulat , with a view over Camões Square and the luxurious setting for families of the Martinhal Lisbon ; the 9 Hotel Mercy and the Hotel do Chiado , both with magnificent views over the city, are also to be noted.

To live in luxe

It is one of the most sought after areas in Lisbon in terms of real estate and the affluence required from those seeking to live in what is considered by many as the most prosperous of Lisbon’s zone is quite high. According to 2018 rates, property values linger around ten thousand euros per square meter, values that are very close to those of Paris. Even at these rates, there are many foreigners interested in the area: a noble, luxurious, historical and cosmopolitan zone, in a safe and peaceful country, renovated apartments in palatial buildings, many with splendorous views, equipped with high ceilings and sophisticated finishing, connecting today’s comfort with yesterday’s charm. Merged with the neighborhood that lodges them, these are true dream homes, the realization of a life goal.

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Homes of Elegance in Chiado

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