A new concept in luxe in the international real estate market

The real estate market has been growing and changing; the present-day definition of what is the concept of luxury real estate is increasingly connected to the client’s lifestyle, as well as to the his or her choices and personal taste. 

Housers projects that the real estate market tendencies for 2020 will be a result of 2019; there will still be price discrepancies between the major cities and the rest of the country, although there is a push towards the definition of an equilibrium between the supply and demand of homes. Credit concession for home financing has suffered significant changes and that will be reflected during 2020, even tough new forms of real estate management will appear, along with a tendency for their growth.

Still in the subject of luxurious real estate market tendencies, Stephanie Anton (Luxury Portfolio International operational director) reveals several interesting facts to Forbes about marketing in this segment:

  • today’s client is increasingly well informed and spends a considerable amount of time visualizing contents and advertisements in the media and social networks;
  • a high-income client with a different and flexible lifestyle, which allows him or her access to what they want, when they want it.

As such, Stephanie alerts for the need by luxurious market real estate companies to respond to the present day client (be him or her from the Y, X, Z, Millennial or Boomer generation), adopting a more focused strategy to each public and present in several channels ( from tv/streaming, printed publicity, social networks…). The important is to try hard to be creative and try out new things in accordance with the client wishes and/or needs.

In this light, INS Portugal is always trying to be aware of the new tendencies, so that it can offer the best experience to each client; the company participated in the Global Symposium in Greece – as member of both the “Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®” and of the Luxury Portfolio International – where it was awarded an Excelence Award.

The Global Symposium is a large-sized event dedicated to the luxurious real estate market tendencies, that counts with the participation of luxurious market real estate agencies from around the world.

The upcoming tendencies in the luxurious real estate market receiving greater coverage at the Symposium included luxurious properties that put more emphasis in the design, more attention on the so called “Modern Farmhouse”, eco-friendly designs with a decoration that inspires spirituality, sustained by a level of comfort recalling perfection and that invites for further privacy.

INS Portugal has also renovated its image and is now more actual than ever. Although a small sized corporation, it can provide the client with a totally customized experience, where a direct contact with the company managers is assured, along with support and flexibility in perceiving each client’s needs.

A year of great achievements is expected! 

Article in partnership with BestGuide Portugal