INS Portugal focuses on contents and images that resonate

INS Portugal participates in the second edition of Prémios do Imobiliário (Real Estate Awards), an initiative organized by Expresso e and SIC Notícias. The winners are announced in October.

INS Portugal renewed its image, with new branding and corporate image, including logotypes, two new websites, all 3 stores have been completely refurbished with a new design signed by Catherine Cabral Interior Design.

Regarding contents marketing, INS has developed a partnership with BestGuide Portugal, this partnership has the purpose of offering monthly important content, such as neighborhood guides, trips, lifestyle, architecture and real estate, a pocketguide for Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra and online contents on INS social media and blog, shared on Bestguide newsletter and social media. INS also has specialized partners for digital marketing contents.